No more soggy notebooks.

Replace pen and paper log books with an advanced app.

With My Fish Pal, your aquarium logs are always with you, right in your own pocket. Quickly and easily view all prior water tests, feedings, and more. Do more with your data, like graphing your water parameter tests so that you can spot trends and correlations. Be more aware of the state of your tank, so your fish can live happier and healthier lives.

About My Fish Pal

Never lose track of your aquarium again.

My Fish Pal is your fully-featured aquarium logger app for iPhone. Create aquarium and inhabitant profiles, log feedings and water tests, and so much more.

1. Create an aquarium profile

Give your aquarium a name, picture, and other details.

2. Add equipment and inhabitants

Always know the details of which equipment and fish belong to your aquariums.

3. Log and analyze data

Keep track of water tests, feedings, cleanings, and more. Analyze trends and graphs to keep your aquarium on the correct course.


My Fish Pal gives you all the features you need to log and track your aquarium's data. See what features are in store for you.

Track aquariums,
inhabitants, & equipment


Log water

Log tank cleanings
& water changes

Log medications
& additives

Graph aquarium

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